Since graduating from Umeå University’s Screenwriting program for Film & Television in 2007 Johanna has been working as a freelance writer. The production companies and networks she has worked for include among others SVT Drama, SVT Barn, Svensk Filmindustri, Anagram Film & TV, Endemol, and Nice Drama. Johanna has been hired to do rewrites on feature films, create new stories and concepts for both film and television, as well as to work on tv series already in development.

Vision & Methods

The suspense genres and love stories are Johanna’s go-to-genres. Personally Johanna has always been fascinated by politics, national and international affairs. She is by nature curious and can’t help but to dig deep when it comes to understanding the world. Her method of delving into research is often what sparks her own storytelling.

”One of my recent projects was inspired by the deaths of four people. One was a known murder, the other three was written off as either suicides or accidents. After reading quite a bit about the four separate events something about it was nagging me. Were these events really separate or could the four deaths possibly be connected? Was it in fact four murders? These questions took me on a journey of research which became the foundation for a hugely thrilling now fictional story.”

Johanna’s passion for politics, national and international events are all related to the individual’s role in the system. The human condition and the individual against the system are themes that are reoccurring in her works. Her stories are not political in the sense of taking a stand in party politics, but more as a way to decode and reveal patterns of injustice, lies, and the real reasons behind events. The need to know the truth has made the thriller a rewarding genre for Johanna to work in, and her methods absolutely contribute to her standing out among others.

”Johanna is a very creative and hardworking person in the beginning of her career. She often has unusual and unique ideas which she develops in a creative and unexpected way. Johanna is a master at keeping the suspense in a story through great and multilayered characters together with a very developed and expertly described reality.”

Her way of adding the warmth and the complexities of love with the otherwise cold and harsh thriller world is what separates her from other writers.

”I don’t know if it’s a female trait or not, but my need to fill stories with love adds something more to the usually cold and scheming suspense genres. I also have a strong need to create multifaceted women protagonists that are based on how I myself experience womanhood. Not to exclude the male gender at all, in fact, I believe all genders struggle today. And I feel a call to make a contribution to the rather stereotypical characters normally used in the suspense genres, no matter if the characters are women or men.”

Johanna has a strong vision of joining the American and Swedish ways of writing for film and television by marrying the American action driven plots with the European character driven stories, which she thinks both sides of the Atlantic would find fruitful.

”I live to create fascinating, colorful, and deeply moving film and television scripts that mesmerizes the large audience. My goal is to write stories that are well structured and have characters you deeply believe in, care for and are moved by. The stories all have their own character, style and vision, but what they do have in common is a search for a bigger truth in society or a grander meaning in life. My mission is to make a call for action, to bring hope to people even in the darkest hour, and to inspire for change.”