Script Consultant

I’ve worked with script consulting since 2012.

Story structure, genre knowledge, character development and the audience’s point of view is my specialty. It’s my expertise, and also something I’ve been lecturing on at university level since 2011. To me there are four key components in script consulting besides analyzing the scripts and stories. First it’s always about finding out what the writer’s or the team’s vision is. Second, the audience point of view – how we can make sure the audience understands the story and is deeply moved, and entertained by it. Three, it’s about presenting facts to my clients in a structured and coherent way which makes the notes and the thoughts behind them useful, workable and easy to understand. Last but not least, I prefer to set a joint vision for the whole development team to make sure everyone is on the same path in the next stage of the development process.

Series I have worked on include among many others Seconds (2024), Bordertown (2018), Paradise (2020 &2022), Hormones! (2023).